Portions for Rosh Hodesh Women’s Service

Sung by Rabbi Albert Gabbai, June 2011
Page numbers are from the Book of Prayers According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Second Edition, ed. David de Sola Pool.

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Psalm 113 346
Psalm 114 346–347
Psalm 115b 348
Psalm 116b 349
Psalm 117 349
Psalm 118a 359
Psalm 118b 350–351
Psalm 118c 351
Psalm 118d 351
Psalm 118e 351
Abot/Geburot 352–353
Kedushat HaShem (Atah kadosh) 353
Kedushat HaYom 354
Abodah 355
Hoda’ah 355–356
Sim Shalom 356–357
En Kelohenu 229
Adon Olam 232–233

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